Welcome Tosadech Piscarel!

We would like to introduce to you our new Cubis colleague in Luxembourg: Tosadech Piscarel (Paco)! In the interview below, he talks about why he chose Cubis, what he did before and who he would like to switch lives with for a day. 😉Curious? Be sure to read on below!

Why did you choose Cubis?

If I were to summarize my response in one sentence, it would be: “I want to work here because I love the culture.” People are naturally drawn to those who share similar traits and values. During my hour-long call with Pedro and Jeroen three months ago, we discovered numerous personal, professional, and cultural commonalities. From that moment, I knew I would be a great fit for Cubis.

What did you do before Cubis?

I have been working as an SAP FICO Consultant for nearly 12 years. I started my career in Thailand, my native country, and later moved to Luxembourg to continue in this field. It is what I do best.

If you could switch for a day with someone, who would it be and why?

I would choose to be my great-grandfather in his time. We live in an era of advanced technological revolution with AI, IoT, robotics, biotechnology, and quantum computing all around us. Experiencing a day without technology, especially coming from a third-world country like Thailand where documentation is scarce, would be fascinating. Additionally, since I don’t know much about my ancestors and their origins due to poor documentation, I would have the opportunity to learn more about my family and myself.