Welcome Louis Carpentier

Meet Louis Carpentier! Louis will join our ERP team in Luxembourg. Would you like to find out more about who he is and why he chose Cubis? Read more about it in the short interview below! 👇🏻

Why did you choose Cubis?

I chose Cubis because I wanted to return to an SAP consultant role, and I was aware that Cubis was in the process of establishing a new ERP team in Luxembourg. Additionally, the Intellus group’s primary focus is analytics, which is something I’m genuinely interested in, making it a great choice for me.

What did you do before Cubis?

Before Cubis, I worked as an SAP SD consultant in Luxembourg for several year and as Business Analyst in the financial Industry.

If you could switch with someone for 1 day, who would it be and why?

If I could switch with someone for a day, I would likely choose a profession rather than a specific person. For instance, I might choose to be a fighter jet pilot to experience the thrills of high-speed flight and high-G maneuvers.