My first year @ Cubis/Lytix/Aivix by Elien Van den Spiegel

One year, twelve months or 365 days. Exactly today, August 2, I celebrate my one-year anniversary as Marketing Manager with Cubis/Lytix/Aivix. A year to cherish and certainly not to forget. In this blog post, I would like to take you on an adventure of the past year. Because contrary to what some of you think, there are also many people working here without an IT background or IT tasks. And they are just as happy here!

Started from the bottom, now we here

My debut at Cubis/Lytix/Aivix was exciting. I had no experience at all with data & analytics, let alone IT in general. I came from the world of interior design as a marketer. But I soon felt welcome and ‘at ease’. My colleague Maarten, who was in charge of marketing until I arrived, put me at ease and helped me where he could. Credits for him because he talked a lot of insecure thoughts out of my head (fair is fair).

But to be honest, it was a challenging start. No matter how quiet it was in my first three weeks, after a month my tasks became clear, and the days became busier and busier. Ideal for (having to) learn a lot. Because you learn the most when you are thrown in. And God, did I learn…

Cubis & Lytix Data Day

The first big challenge was the Cubis & Lytix Data Day. After almost two months of settling in, the biggest customer event of the year was on the program. Normally a spring event in May, but now moved to the end of September thanks to the ‘fantastic period’ we call COVID.

Because COVID did not make it easy to organise physical events, we decided to broadcast the entire event live so that as many people as possible could enjoy the expert presentations. It turned out to be a good idea, because a lot of people followed the Cubis & Lytix Data Day live! The building was teeming with wires, cameras, and microphones, but it was a fantastic day!

Blood, sweat and tears you could say! But we made it, thanks to the fantastic team behind the event.



Dear passengers, we are leaving for: Marrakech

The Cubilycious weekend, perhaps the greatest challenge of my career. But before I tell you more, a bit of explanation of what Cubilycious point are:

Every year, employees can collect points by achieving certain targets, which we call Cubilycious points. This has a big personal benefit but also a group benefit because every year a Cubilycious weekend is organized. And you can guess: the more points the group collects, the further the location of our weekend goes!

But back to the heart of the matter. During the covid period, our colleagues worked so hard and did so much extra for the company that the score had reached an unseen record. And so, the journey went to a destination OUTSIDE Europe.

Destination: Marrakech, difficulty level: EPIC. I had never accompanied a group of 75 people, let alone outside Europe. An assignment that cost a lot of energy but also paid off. It was nice and even touching to receive all the thanks from colleagues, while it was not only my merit.


IMG_9087 C (145)

I find while writing this blog that I can go on and on about my past year at Cubis/Lytix/Aivix. A fantastic feeling, isn’t it? But I will stop here, before you all click away 😉

Let me conclude this article with the fact that a year ago I made a choice that changed me in many ways. I can smell the future successes! Let’s go!