Interview Antoine Goffin

Who are the people @ Cubis? We asked them some questions so you can get to know them! Next up: Antoine Goffin.

What does an ideal project look like for you?

An ideal project for me is an interesting one with a lot of challenges and nice people to work with. 

How do you experience teleworking?

Teleworking has advantages and disadvantages. I save time everyday by staying at home and not having to drive, and can use that time to do others things. However, being at home all the time is also quite difficult since I spend most of my time alone and can’t do a lot of others things at the moment.

What do you miss most in corona times?

The “normal” life: do what I want without the fear of the virus and the restrictions.  

What is an ideal day off for you?

An ideal day off for me is being able to sleep in and then go do things that I usually don’t have time for during the week. I typically try to do some sport activity (go for a walk, or a bike ride,…) and I also like to catch up on my favorite TV shows after that.  

What is your favorite holiday destination?

I would say the United States. My brother has been living in the US for almost 10 years and I also lived there for a year. I like to visit him as much as possible. It is a country you won’t ever fully get to know and see since it is so far-reaching.