Intellus Group: all data and analytics expertise under one roof!


BOORTMEERBEEK – “Twelve years ago, Jeroen Roosen and Wim Van Wuytswinkel started their adventure by establishing their first company, specialized in data and analytics. Today, Cubis, Lytix, and Aivix are market leaders in the BeLux in the field of data engineering, data strategy, and data analytics. To better support their customers, these three companies are now housed within the Intellus Group, an overarching organization.”

Advantage through analytics

In today’s business world, the efficient use of data is critical. By gaining better insight into their data, companies and organizations can make better informed decisions that lead to better results. A good application of analytics can make the difference with the competition. Since 2010, Cubis, Lytix, and Aivix have grown into market leaders in the field of data and analytics in the BeLux. These companies are now housed in the Intellus Group, a group with 110 employees in offices in Belgium and Luxembourg and more than 130 loyal customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, and Luxembourg.

The early beginning

Twelve years ago, Jeroen Roosen and Wim Van Wuytswinkel started their journey with Cubis, a consultancy company that supports its customers with data & analytics solutions based on SAP technology. In 2019, the range was extended with Lytix, focused on Microsoft technology and quickly growing into a respected company with 40 consultants. And in 2022, Aivix was added, with expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science and based on AWS and Databricks technology. After only half a year, Aivix already has 10 employees and we expect the company to grow quickly, just like Lytix.

Intellus as a one-stop-shop

Intellus Group is expanding with the integration of Cubis, Lytix, and Aivix. These three powerful brands now form a unity under one roof, with the company culture and methodology being applied uniformly. Although each company retains its own specialty, they can benefit from each other’s expertise. Customers are now looking for the best solutions in the field of architecture and selecting software from various suppliers for a “best-of-breed” approach. The integration of these three brands under the wings of Intellus Group will enable us to even better meet these needs.

Wim Van Wuytswinkel, Managing Partner Intellus Group: “These three companies form a perfect combination, like puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together. For our customers, this means transparency and the assurance of a single, high-quality supplier for everything related to data. Together, they form an extensive network that shares knowledge across all technologies.”

Further growth

Jeroen Roosen, Managing Partner Intellus Group: “In the coming years, we will proudly position ourselves as leaders in the field of data and analytics. In addition, we will expand our wings to the ERP market and offer our customers the best solutions for all their data and analytics needs. We closely monitor the market to refine our offerings and will undoubtedly embark on new adventures to broaden and deepen our offerings.”