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Virtual Teambuilding and Apéro

In these COVID- times, we realize that we might have been taking the social interactions at the office for granted: the casual chats at the coffee machine, inside jokes that break your work focus for just a few minutes …

Each year Cubis & Lytix organize a teambuilding with all the employees. With the current COVID-regulations, it was not possible to do this in real life, so we needed to be creative. After some brainstorming, we came up with the idea of a virtual escape room followed by a cozy apéro.

During the week of Friday, May 7th the colleagues received a box full of delicious snacks, a non-alcoholic drink and a bottle of Cava for the virtual apéro.

For the virtual escape room everyone had to join a Zoom call at 2 p.m. for the explanation and rules of the game. After that, we got divided into teams of 4 people and split up into breakout rooms to communicate with your team members.

The game itself was played on our smartphones. All teams started in different continents on the world map. It was the purpose to escape from the pandemic and arrive back home in time. To complete this challenge, we needed to solve different kinds of puzzles, riddles and brain breakers. Each team earned points based on their results to keep it competitive. Next to that, there were also some fun exercises to complete like for example to create a haka-video or translate some sentences in South-African.

When all teams escaped from the pandemic, we got back together in a Zoom call for the virtual apéro. Every 20 minutes the colleagues were randomly split up in groups of 5. So, they could have a cosy chat and catch up a little bit after not seeing each other for a while.

Thanks to everyone for an incredible day and hopefully, we can all see each other again soon in real life!