Microsoft Sustainability Manager 

What is the microsoft sustainability manager?

Microsoft Sustainability Manager is an extensible solution that unifies data intelligence and provides comprehensive, integrated, and automated sustainability management for organizations at any stage of their sustainability journey. It automates manual processes, enabling organizations to record, report, and reduce their emissions more efficiently.

The solution can be integrated with any business system. It breaks down data silos by automating data connections and calculations and applying a Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability data model to remove data ambiguity.

The core capabilities of Microsoft Sustainability Manager can be extended quickly and easily using familiar Azure and Power Platform tools to create custom solutions, such as new formulas or reports. With Microsoft Sustainability Manager, we are allowing organizations to gain continuous visibility into their emissions activities, reliably report their impact and progress in near real time, and access the intelligence required to collaborate with others to refine and scale sustainability initiatives and transform their business, end to end.

What are the main capabilities?

Integration with multiple sources monitoring

Near real time

Advanced scope 3 data model

How can it answer the UN goals?

Supercharge your sustainability efforts with Microsoft Sustainability Manager. This cutting-edge platform helps you measure and track progress towards the UN sustainability goals. Identify the most relevant goals for your operations, set specific targets, and track metrics in real-time. Monitor emissions, transition to renewable energy, and manage water resources effectively. Generate comprehensive reports to showcase your progress and build trust with stakeholders. Engage with customers, suppliers, and civil society organizations to create a credible and impactful sustainability strategy. With Microsoft Sustainability Manager, you can collaborate, measure, and accelerate your journey towards a greener future.

Microsoft’s sustainability manager can answer UN sustainability goals in a number of ways. Here are some potential strategies:


  • With better measurement of emissions, we can Improve the health and well-being of the communities in communion with the goal 3 and 11 of UN. This requires that we comply with the goal 9 which Is Industry Innovation and Infrastructure. An optimized supply chain an Innovative production planning will reduce emissions and contribute to the goals 13 14 and 15.
  • Identify which UN sustainability goals are most relevant to Microsoft’s operations and prioritize those goals. energy usage, or Goal 13 (Climate Action) because of the company’s carbon footprint. The system Is customizable where is  possible to make new reports that will give an answer how the Industry Is Impacting the other UN goals.

You want to know more about Microsoft Sustainability Manager? About its ability to connect to different source systems? About its key features? How to implement and develop it on your system? Do not hesitate to contact us! 

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