Key Features of SAP Data Services Roadmap (2020 Q1 –2023 Q3)

In the world of data integration and management, both data connectivity and data quality play vital roles. 

SAP Data Services is committed to constantly enhancing its capabilities to support diverse platforms and databases, ensuring seamless integration and efficient data movement for organizations. 

This blog delves into the latest data connectivity features introduced in SAP Data Services, enabling organizations to achieve smooth integration and optimize data flow across systems. 

Additionally, we will explore the new data quality enhancements in SAP Data Services, focusing on areas such as geocoding data expansion, directory management, and address data enrichment. 

These improvements further reinforce the importance of maintaining accurate and reliable data within organizations’ data integration and management solutions.

Data Connectivity

Expanded Platform Support

SAP Data Services now supports various operating systems and platforms, including IBM AIX 7.1 TL5, IBM AIX 7.2, JBoss application server 7.2 (Java 8), Microsoft Windows 10 Desktop 1909, Microsoft Windows Server,Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.1, SAP NetWeaver 7.5 SP16 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15. This expanded platform support ensures compatibility and flexibility for installation and implementation of SAP Data Services components.

Enhanced Database Connectivity

The introduction of TLS in the SAP Data Services roadmap signifies the integration and enhancement of Transport Layer Security (TLS) as a key feature within the Data Services platform. 
It reflects SAP’s commitment to 
upholding industry standards ensuring secure and encrypted communication for data integration.
SAP Data Services has significantly enhanced its database connectivity capabilities, providing organizations with seamless integration, efficient data extraction, transformation, and loading. 
The platform now supports a wide range of databases, including Microsoft SQL Server 2019, Oracle Database 19c, Oracle MySQL 8.0, Teradata 16.20, and more. 
These robust integrations empower organizations to effortlessly integrate data from 
heterogeneous databaseinto SAP Data Services, enabling further processing and analysis.

Cloud connectivity

Furthermore, SAP Data Services has expanded its roadmap to include connectors for popular cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and SAP HANA Cloud. 
This integration allows organizations to easily connect their databases hosted on these cloud platforms with SAP Data Services. 
By leveraging this enhanced connectivity, organizations can extract, transform, and load data from various database systems, irrespective of their deployment environment, into SAP Data Services.

Integration with SAP BW/4HANA and SAP Datasphere

SAP Data Services empowers users with the ability to load InfoObjects from SAP BW/4HANA and utilize the created data store as a target. 
This functionality supports the loading of both master data and text from SAP BW/4HANA, enabling organizations to leverage their existing data assets effectively.

SAP Data Services introduces bi-directional batch data movement with SAP Datasphere, bridging the gap between enterprise and on-premise data systems and enhancing data availability in SAP Datasphere.

Certification and Support

SAP Data Services offers certifications for various drivers and platforms, including DataDirect ODBC driver version 8.0.2, PostgreSQL 13.x and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.1. 
These certifications ensure smooth integration and compatibility between SAP Data Services and the respective drivers and platforms, providing organizations with a reliable and supported environment.

Data Quality

China Geocoding Data Expansion

SAP Data Services has expanded its capabilities for address processing in China. 
This includes enriching address data with latitude and longitude assignments and reverse geocoding. 
By leveraging this expanded geocoding data, organizations can ensure precise geolocation information for their Chinese address data, enabling accurate analysis and decision-making.

New Parcel-Level Geocoding Directory for China

To further enhance geocoding capabilities, SAP Data Services introduces a new parcel-level geocoding directory called “SAP GEO DIR CHINA – HERE” [geo_cn_nt.dir]. 
This directory, available for purchase, provides comprehensive and detailed geocoding information for improved accuracy in Chinese address data.

Directory Expiration Warning

Managing address and geo-reference data is crucial for data quality. 
SAP Data Services now enables users to configure email notifications for directory expiration. 
When address directories running in certified mode are approaching expiration, data services will automatically send notifications to keep users informed. 
This proactive feature ensures that organizations can take timely actions to renew or update their directories and maintain consistent data quality.

GAC Ireland Address Data Expansion

Address data enrichment capabilities have been enhanced for Ireland. SAP Data Services introduces a self-contained directory specifically for Ireland, known as “SAP ADDR IRELAND” [ga_ie_paf.dir]. 
This directory, available for purchase, offers enhanced capabilities to assign address lines for Irish addresses, improving the accuracy and completeness of address data in Ireland.

Support for Complex Primary Ranges

Address data can often include complex primary ranges. SAP Data Services now supports parsing and assignment of complex primary ranges in address data. 
This feature ensures that organizations can accurately capture and process address information that includes intricate range specifications, enabling more precise data integration and analysis.


SAP Data Services continues to enhance its data connectivity features, supporting a wide range of platforms and databases. 
With expanded platform support, enhanced database connectivity
 and integration with SAP Datasphere, organizations can seamlessly integrate their data and leverage the power of SAP Data Services for effective data management and analysis. 
With certifications and support for various drivers and platforms, SAP Data Services ensures compatibility and provides a reliable environment for organizations to optimize their data integration processes.

SAP Data Services prioritizes data quality, ensuring decision-makers have access to accurate and trustworthy information. 
With expanded geocoding capabilities, improved directory management, and address data enrichment 
organizations can elevate the quality and reliability of their data, enabling better insights and driving impactful outcomes. 
In summary, SAP Data Services remains a comprehensive data integration solution that combines robust data connectivity, enhanced data quality, and extensive compatibility.


Link to the SAP Data Services Roadmap:

Kevin Nys

Data & analytics consultant @ Cubis