You are invited to our annual Data Day! An extraordinary business event that promises to shape the future of data and analytics. Join us at the historic Neimenster Abbey on October 17th, from 12 pm to 5 pm, for an insightful journey filled with mind-bending presentations that will leave you inspired and equipped with new toolstechniques and strategies to improve your data and analytics game. Whether you’re looking to optimize your processes, make better decisions, or simply stay ahead of the latest trends, our Data Day got you covered.

Reserve your seat today to be among the select few who will witness the dawn of a new era in Luxembourg’s business arena. Space is limited, so secure your spot early.

Event highlights

Keynote speakers

Immerse yourself in the wisdom of industry giants. Learn from thought partners representing SAP and Microsoft as they share their visionary insights.

SAP Data & Analytics solutions unlock the full potential of your business data

SAP data and analytics solutions provides organizations with a modern, open cloud architecture that makes the most out of the value of SAP and non-SAP data. Explore how SAP Datasphere, a Business Data fabric transforms the way you access, prepare, and collaborate upon your data. Unleashing the power of business data is more then just reporting upon your business discover how extended planning can help deliver actionable insights across the Organizations by putting finance in the center.

Data Mesh with Microsoft Fabric

For years and years, organizations have been operating on a model where data was put in silos and where this data was consequently never shared with other entities in the organization. And if it was ultimately shared, it took ages for it to become available to whoever needed it. What if we told you that there is a better way which comes with the name “Data Mesh”. It proposes a complete new (and fresh) approach and it changes how organizations let their data work (for them).

In this session we will discuss Data Mesh (why do you need it, what does it solve, how does it work,…) and we will show you how you can (help) change your organization and evolve towards this new way of working. We will also make it practical and talk about you Microsoft Fabric can help achieve this way of working

Customer Success Stories

Discover real-world success stories that illustrate the transformative power of partnership. Gain valuable insights from businesses that have unlocked their full potential with Cubis Luxembourg.

D³: Data Platform of the Future

Cartamundi’s journey from a cloud based proof of concept towards a future-proof data platform, enabling data driven decisions.

Empowering Cargolux’ BI: Building a Robust Business Intelligence Framework with SAP and Microsoft Azure

Data centralization and consolidation are the cornerstones of future-conscious corporations. They facilitate decision-making and allow the leverage of raw data by transformation, supporting all contributors who engage in the endeavor that is advanced analyses.

However, the fact that we can find different tools, diverse skills, and various technologies in the same organization increases the risk of creating a complex and hard-to-sustain data processing architecture.

On this Data Day, we are excited to delve into the approach we have implemented with our client Cargolux, harnessing their collaboration to design and sustain a robust and harmonious Business Intelligence infrastructure.
All by uniting the two technology giants: SAP and Microsoft Azure.

S/4HANA Message Cockpit – Inbound Supplier EDI message monitoring for SOAP and IDOC.

A cockpit that allows a fast monitoring of the inbound messages coming from the suppliers, ideal for transitions from IDOC to SOAP, and also potential connection with TM.

Microsoft Fabrics : building the future of your data platform

Let’s explore Microsoft Fabric, the tool of the future. In this journey, we’ll delve into its functionalities, features, and how everyone in your organization can harness its power. At the core of our modern and future-proof data ecosystem lies the question of how to seamlessly integrate Fabric.

Is now the right time to implement Fabric? What does this mean for your current data platform? And what are the associated costs? We’re here to address all these questions.

Unleash the power of Business Data with SAP Datasphere

In an era of exploding data volumes, many organizations seek to become more data-driven in order to gain better insights and optimize their performances, but this can easily become a very time-consuming process. The cloud and SAAS (Software as a service) paradigm is expected to provide a solution to this paradox, the goal is to minimize the time to value process, this time to value optimization is achieved by setting up comprehensive data governance, developing an organization in the direction of data centricity and business driven reporting.

SAP’s latest Data and Analytics product is aiming to provide just that to help you overcome any challenges and move towards becoming a data-driven business.

During this exceptional event, we are thrilled to propose you a quick dive into SAP Datasphere, together we will focus on the features of this brand new product and discover data integration options into your current architecture, to help you gain more insights and improve the relevance of your decisions regarding everyday challenges.

Secret Unveiling

Be a part of history as we unveil something monumental, a new venture poised to redefine the business landscape. This revelation will undoubtedly spark your curiosity and set the stage for new possibilities.

Networking Extravaganza

Connect with fellow business leaders, prospective partners, and industry peers during our exclusive networking event. Forge meaningful relationships and explore collaborative opportunities that pave the way for mutual success.

When & Where?

Data Day Luxembourg 

17th of October – 12 pm until 5 pm

Heritage Site for Culture
Neumünster Abbey

28, rue Münster
L-2160 Luxembourg
(G.-D. de Luxembourg)

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